We are ship one studio.

Creative people.

we are capable.

Est 2020.

Ship one studio was created to provide a wide scope technical and creative sollutions for any business.
We are bringing years of expertise in key e-commerce fields and executing a complex approach allaround.

What we do.


Social Media





Print Design

Digital Transformation

Service Design

Responsive Websites

User Experience

Platform Evaluation

Process Optimization

Technology mapping


  • Igor Kozlov
  • Anastasia Sokolova
  • Oleksi Tymoshenko
  • Tonya Nowak
  • Daniel Namara
  • Anton Borzenko
  • Ksenia Kuzmenko
  • Andrei Usenko
  • Vlodymyr Stor

Ship one studio was created by Igor Kozlov in 2020 and he is current Chief Executive Officer, overseeing quality of delivery of the projects and communicating with the key clients, growing company potential and attracting a new talents.

Before starting the agency Igor had a a career of team manager in start up overseeing a world leading publishers content such as bbc , abc, sky sports and time inc.

BA Director of photography - Karpenko-Kary University 2012 , Kyiv.

Co founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ship One Studio.

Anastasia assigns the tasks and keeps in touch with all the clients and professionals. An outstanding leader and major force in moving things forward.

Anastasia’s background is drawing. She is a professional award winning illustrator and leading the team of illustrators at ship one constantly elevating the level of our talent’s work.

Oleksi has 10 years of experience as back end developer. He is serving currently as lead technology specialist at ship one studio.

He is the person ho knows how arrange process in the background , pick a proper platforms and source code and make process efficient. While there’s only an interface on the monitor , much much more is happening on the server and there’s no way to deliver a quality in that are without extensive experience and knowledge of key back end languages and protocols. Oleksi does this things perfectly and we are proud to have such an efficient back-end specialist here at ship one studio.

Tonya is our bright visual artist that bring life in to ux. As it’s all about users and there’s no way to force them to like things , the only way to achieve a result is to make people love the design. It has to be what it needs to be , this is what Tonya believes in.

Working individually and with a team , Tonya has proved herself as absolutely talented designer that will find the way to make things charming , easygoing and user-friendly.

Aleksandar Simov is experienced front end developer. He has great knowledge of services and technology available, achieved through half life long freelance career in web development.

Alex is currently is lead front end developer at ship one studio. Our clients may stay assured that “things will work ” under expertise of Alex as his special ability is to adapt design and create the most reliable and quick working websites technically possible. Just like this website for an example.

Daniel Namara is UX / UI Lead designer at Ship One Studio. He believes that creativity yet simplicity are equally important because people don’t like Difficult and Boring process. This is where Daniel shines with his expertise to shape perfect User Experience for any service.